Your CV or resume

It is important to understand what a good CV can and can’t do for you. In itself, a CV is not sufficient to get a job. The only thing that your CV can do is ensure that you make a good first impression so that potential employers will want to meet you and invite you for an interview.

Your CV has to contain different subcategories:

  1. Personal information:
    • Name + surname
    • Address
    • Contact information (e-mail and phone-number)
    • Birthdate
    • Driver license
    • (marital status)
    • Available from
    • You can add a picture if you want
  2. Education:
    • Education + school name + date off graduation
    • When you don’t have a lot of experience add your bachelor / master these
  3. Professional experience
    • Start with the latest experience on top
    • Start- & end date + company + your function
    • Give in bullets your most important tasks
    • When you don’t have a lot of experience add your traineeship
  4. Languages
    • Bullets of the languages you speak and score them
    • You can make a difference between speaking, listening and writing
  5. Programs
    • Bullets of the programs you can work with
    • You may give them a score as well
  6. Personality
    • Your chance to give the recruiter more information about your personality
    • You can use bullets with a little description or examples.
  7. References
    • The coordinates off your ex-colleagues / ex-bosses who will have a good idea off your capabilities.
    • Name + function + phone number (and e-mail)
  8. (Hobbies)
    • Hobbies in bullets or in a sentence.