A European Directive obliges all major companies to conduct an energy audit every four years. Since the 16th of May 2014 this Directive has been translated in Vlarem (regulations on environmental permits) and before the 5th of December 2015 it must be converted, executed and registered in web application VEA.
The aim of this measure is to make companies aware of their power consumption and to give an insight into where energy-saving measures can be adopted. It needs to be updated every 4 years.

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Which companies fall under this new Directive?

  • Companies which consume more than 0.5 Petajoule are considered major companies and within 6 months must draw up an obligatory energy plan following submission.
  • Companies which consume less than 0.5 Petajoule but have at least 250 employees or an annual turnover in excess of EUR 50 million also fall into this category.
  • However, all major companies that have entered into an energy agreement are exempted from this Directive.

What does the audit determine?

The energy consumption profile of buildings, processes and transport gives an insight into the power consumption via the energy balance. The critical performance indicators are heating, used electricity in offices and production lines, but also fuel consumption of vehicles. Measures that are presented to improve the energy efficiency are linked to the effective return of investments (IRR calculation).

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